Who We Are

Who we are

Igbo Welfare Union is a fully registered charitable organisation in Glasgow Scotland United Kingdom, bringing together Igbos from every State of Eastern Nigeria residing in Scotland. We are a large community across Scotland, promoting togetherness, our culture and tradition of our Igbo culture, and also contributing intellectually to the development of Igboland Nigeria through different channels and forums in diaspora.

IWUG membership is made up of persons who are Igbo by birth, marriage, naturalization, association or adoption and as such, the following are the categories of membership: ordinary membership; associate membership; full membership and Organisational membership.

The Union meets once every two months (2nd Sunday of said month) or at other times that the Executive committee deems necessary.

Among the organisation’s purposes are:

  1. To promote the advancement of active citizenship; The Igbo Welfare Union will promote this objective through the development and teaching of civic values; the encouragement of voluntary activity and increasing the involvement of individuals in community activity; the promotion of community union, and sense of belonging among ethnic Igbos in Glasgow and its environs.                                       
  2. To promote the prevention or relief of poverty; The Union will provide a support network for poverty alleviation, health education and disaster relief amongst disadvantaged and needy communities, families and groups, particularly in Glasgow and Igbo land; through training for work skills, promotion of social enterprise development, and encouragement of Fair Trade activities, the Union will work to prevent those who are poor from becoming poorer as well as preventing those who are at risk of being poor from becoming poor. The Union will also promote relief of those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.                         
  3. To advance the promotion of equality and diversity; The Igbo Welfare Union will through advocacy and campaigning promote activities that will address racial discrimination in employment, education, health, housing, and public services particularly for its members and the wider community.                              
  4. To promote the advancement of education; The Igbo Welfare Union will promote activities that will advance capacity development, skills empowerment, training and research opportunity for its members and the wider community.                
  5. To promote the advancement of the arts, heritage, and culture; The Union will seek to promote awareness of the Igbo culture amongst Igbos and children of Igbo descent in the UK, whilst encouraging them to play their full role in the British society and will further advance British cultural life by promoting Igbo history, language, music, art, literature, and culture to the wider public.

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